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                                                 BREEDING CONTRACT

    Thank you for choosing to breed your mare to our Paint Stallion, ______________________ for the upcoming breeding season.
    This contract for the breeding season of _________, is made and entered into on this _____ day of ______________, ________.  I / we agree to breed the ___________________________________ mare______________________________ , reg. # _______________ , to _________________,  reg. # ____________________,  for the fee of   $ __________ , for a live foal subject to the following conditions.

1.A non-refundable booking fee of $ _________ is payable with this contract and the balance of   $_________ payable when the mare leaves Bayview Stables.  In the case of shipped semen full payment of breeding fee, including collection, and shipping fees must be paid in full before semen will be shipped.
2.The mare must be in healthy and sound breeding condition, free from any infectious or contagious disease.  A recent swab test result must accompany the mare, failure to do this prior to arriving will result in Bayview Stables’ veterinarian examining and testing the mare at the expense of the Mare Owner.
3.Mares of a very unstable nature or non halter broke mares will not be accepted.
4.Mares must have hind shoes removed.  Any farrier expenses are the responsibility of the Mare Owner.
5.A photocopy of the mares registration papers (both sides) must be sent with this contract.
6.Bayview Stables agrees to provide suitable facilities for the care and feed of the mare / mare and foal.  Mare care is $ ______ / day for a mare and $ ______ / day for a mare with a foal.  All boarding fees must be paid before the mare leaves the premises.
7.Bayview Stables will exercise judgment in the care and supervision of the mare and her foal, but will not be responsible for accident, sickness or death to either or both.  Understanding likewise, that the Mare Owner will not be responsible for disease, accident or injury to the stallion.  Every precaution will be taken to protect the mare, foal and stallion.
8.A live foal is guarantied.  If the above named mare doesn’t settle or loses her foal prior to the projected foaling date or the foal does not stand and nurse, the mare is entitled to return in the same breeding season, or the following year.  In the event that the above mare proves barren or dies before foaling the Mare Owner may substitute another mare.  In this case the Mare Owner must verify this with a veterinarian certificate within seven days.  If the mare is to be returned and the Mare Owner fails to deliver her for rebreeding or fails to order semen the following year, then any and all fees shall not be refundable, and this contract is cancelled.
9.Official Breeders Certificate and foal registration papers will be issued upon notification of birth of foal.

This contract represents the entire agreement between the parties, and is binding on both parties.  This contract is non-transferable.
Mare Owner _________________________________

Stallion Owner _______________________________      ( Bayview Stables )

                                                    BAYVIEW STABLES

                Additional Conditions for Mares Bred with Transported Cooled Semen

It is very important that you work closely with a qualified veterinarian that is familiar with equine reproductive artificial insemination techniques.  

1.Booking, breeding, collection and shipping fees must be paid in full prior to shipment.
2.Semen may be used in designated mare only.
3.The Mare Owner is responsible for the return of the shipping container via Federal Express or regular parcel mail.  If the container is not returned or returned in damaged condition the Mare Owner will be charged $30.00 for container replacement costs.
4.Weekend collection and deliveries are subject to scheduling availability.   At this point we rely on a veterinarian to collect our stallion, therefore we must know early Friday morning at the latest if your mare will be ready to breed on a weekend.
5.In the event that you need semen shipped on a day that federal express does not pick up in our area (  Saturday or Sunday ) or deliver to yours, you will need to arrange to pick up the semen at Bayview Stables or we may be able to  arrange to have it flown to you.  In this case there would be higher airline costs involved.
6.It is the Mare Owners responsibility to handle the semen in an appropriate manner.

A Few Helpful Tips;
    Transported semen and artificial insemination (A.I.) is providing a number of exciting opportunities for small and large breeding farms.  Distance is no longer a major limiting factoring the breeding of your mare to the stallion of your choice.  The mare owner can now keep their prized animal in their own care during the breeding process, therefore there is no stress factor involved for your mare and /or her foal, not to mention traillering and mare care expenses.

Preparation of the mare:  Each mare should participate in a thorough preventive health care program (vaccination, deworming, nutrition, farrier, etc.) and be free from infection (clean uterine culture).  Management of the broodmare, at particular times of the year, can be frustrating to the best of managers.  The mare is classified as seasonally polyestrus, which refers to the repeated heat cycles she will undergo during a particular part of the year.  The breeding season is initiated in the late spring by increasing lengths of daylight and decreasing lengths of darkness.  The first few cycles in the spring and last few in the fall tend to be irregular and are commonly referred to as “transitional” cycles.  In this area over 80 % of mares do not cycle in the winter months and then exhibit normal cycles by the second week in April.  If you want to breed early in the year you need to control the amount of light each day to “trick” your mare into believing that winter is over.  Sixteen hours of light (daylight and artificial light-200 watt bulb) within a 24 hour period beginning December 1st and continuing throughout the following spring is optimal.  Hormone therapy may be another consideration and should be discussed with your veterinarian.

Timing:  Ideally each mare should be bred just before ovulation.  Frequent or daily ultrasound evaluations of the mare by your veterinarian will greatly improve your conception rates.  Good communication between stallion and mare owner is of paramount importance.  Notify the stallion owner when your mare is coming into heat and the anticipated day that you will require semen.  Have your mare checked first thing in the morning so if you need semen it may be able to be collected that day.  Try to give as much notice as possible to order semen. 

    Transported semen is an excellent breeding tool available to the horse world.  It is not a difficult process to complete.  Communication and an understanding of the process will significantly increase your success and reduce your expenses.

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